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  1. rissilla:

    I don’t know if anyone has done this yet. It hasn’t crossed my dash, so I thought I would do it. I’ve been re-read All of Narutoto refresh my knowledge on the series and I thought I would show this HUGE parallel for SS. There is a reason this chapter is called ‘Once Again’ , beside the obvious Naruto and Sasuke return to the waterfall.

    Half of this chapter is a parallel to Chapter 181.

    I think, Sakura is the one to notice this right away.


    The only difference is Naruto and Kakashi are there this time.


    Again, she finds herself looking at his back as he talks about doing something that she doesn’t understand/want him to do.



    So she does the exact same thing she did in Chapter 181:



    She tries to bring back from the ‘darkness’ with her words. She tells him again that even after everything he has done to her, she still loves him more than she can bear.



    She even wanted to carry the burden of revenge for him if it meant she could be with him. And again we don’t see Sasuke’s face.



    In Chapter 181, she  tries to use the tactic of promising him everything would turn out okay if he just stopped and stayed with them.

    In the new confession, she is telling him that someday things could be the way they used to be. She is pretty much begging him at this point. Look at our babies face, she’s completely broken by this, because she doesn’t want to fight him.

    Then the kicker of it all:


    He calls her annoying in Chapter 181 after telling her that he didn’t remember this:



    He lied about not remembering it.

    And now he goes right back to that night, letting her know he remembers it too, without really giving anything away.


    The only difference is in his expression.

    Before it was a smirk, now it’s a guilt ridden sadness? Like he was feeling guilty about what he was about to do to her…again?



    She even faints the same, in a slow way.



    And he leaves her looking peaceful….again.



    The parallels are strong in this chapter.

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Sasuke: "You're annoying."

Eyes and mouth.
    Sasuke: "You're annoying."
    Eyes and mouth.
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  5. I Love You Vs I Loved you


    I just found part of the original script of chapter 693. And here it is.

    It’s incomplete but I’ll give my opinion.


    「私にはどうすることも出来ないって本当は分かってる 大好きなのに…!!


    “In truth, I know that won’t be able to do anything, even though I love you. Even though I care so much about you.

    But, But Sasuke-kun ! If there’s a place in a corner of your heart where you think about me … please


    Please, don’t go far away from me anymore. If we stay together, eveything will become like in the old days. ( She says “it will become like before” in reality, but it’s a bit plain. )

    「お前は 本当にうざいな」
    Sasuke : You really are annoying.

    If you want other parts translated, feel free to message me. Point is, in japanese Sakura was not using the past tense.
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  7. What’s this?


    When Sasuke leaves to fight Naruto after he knocked Sakura out…


    Is that…?


    imageIs that a tear I see? 

    Or could it be a shaky line?

    Oh wait




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  9. Random wierd thing i noticed in latest chapter


    ok guys here’s something wierd I noticed in the latest chapter:


    that thing rolling down his eye…

    not enough? afterwards, we see this panel:


    if you look really closely, it looks as though, that’s right, there were tears in his eyes

    Perhaps just some shaky lines? but wait: 


    naruto seems fine, if you ask me.

    Maybe its just lines that appear only under sasuke’s eyes? but:


    before he ran off, his eyes didn’t have that thing below it.

    So my theory? He’d ran off right away so we wouldn’t have a had a chance to see him. Cry. 

    asahjdfsrerdg my feels

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  11. nichole-marye:

    First of all lets put ourselves in Sasuke’s place for a moment, Sakura once attacked him with the intent to kill, it was to save him but he doesn’t know that, she lied to him just to get close enough for the kill. After that he probably assumed she didn’t love him like she had in the past.

    After all, the one who claimed to love him went against him, but that’s a whole different post entirely.

    And in this moment, after everything that happened in the war, in where he knew that he cared about his former team, we have him once again throwing everything away. He knows full well that they won’t agree with his way of doing things and the moment he throws it all away again and faces Naruto for battle he hears her.


    Once again she’s pouring her heart out for him. You can see he’s in mid step when he stops altogether to hear her. Her confession probably comes as a surprise to him.

    He was probably so sure those feeling were dead and gone because they should have been, he tried to kill her, he’s hurt her time and time again. But he can probably hear the truth of her words in her voice.

    Do you get how this must have felt for Sasuke?

    To know that someone loves you through it all? Even if he doesn’t deserve it? Even if he doesn’t understand?


    And then he hears perfect little Sakura, with the perfect life, with everything one could wish for, basically saying that if she could choose one thing in life it’d be his happiness.

    She would shoulder everything in order for him to be happy, she would throw all his tragedies to herself even if it breaks her. He can probably hear the frustration and desperation in her voice, how much she wishes she could make it all better. And the pain in which she realizes she can’t

    And aside his family, his brother, no one’s loved him like that, so selflessly.


    Her words seem to hit a chord in him because he hesitates. And I think he wants it as much as she does to stay together forever, for everything to be how it used to be. And maybe he feels it’s too late like, he forfeit every chance at happiness the moment he walked away from her after knocking her out.


    This is what breaks me, this panel right here. This is the most beautiful, raw, and heartbreaking Sasuke I’ve ever seen. 

    There is so much emotion here, so many things happening at once. He seems to be both glad and pained about her confession. Glad because a part of him doesn’t want to lose the place in her heart and pained because he feels her pain.

    He understands that he broke perfect little Sakura that night he left the village, that night her words were sincere.

    "I have friends and family, but if you were to leave me…to me I would just be as alone as you."

    He understands now more than ever what he’s done to her, all she’s suffered for him and pains him.

    And he uses the same words again.

    "You’re so damned annoying."

    Over time I’ve seen so many people fighting about these words, thinking they have a negative connotation, but I’ve never believed that.

    She’s annoying, she makes him feel, she makes him want, made him long for happiness.

    To me this words have such a powerful meaning, not by what they literally mean, but what they mean for them, what Sasuke says with them. Once again she’s making him yearn for everything he can’t ever have; a life with them, love, and her. The promise behind her words makes him hesitate.


    Whatever doubts I might have once had on Sasuke’s feelings are gone. Sasuke’s feelings have always been this big mystery but now we get a possible answer to everything.

    "I can see no reason why she would love me." 

    He feels undeserving, not worth her every declaration of love or her devotion, he’s not good enough for her. 

    He can see no  reason as to why someone would love him! And that breaks my heart. What does this say of Sasuke?

    He can’t comprehend for the life of him that someone would love him so much, that someone would care about his happiness over her own, that someone would love him.

    "I have absolutely no reason to love her."

    Sasuke is not good with feeling that’s always been a fact and that’s why this mean so much. This is as if he’s been questioning himself over and over again “What reason do I have to love her?” and found none.

    And in between the lines there’s an unspoken little something.

    I can see no reason why she would love me, but she loves me anyway. I have no reason to love her, but I do.

    I believe Sasuke loves her and he always has. But being who he is he’s not come in terms with that feeling.

    We’ve always known Sasuke has had a soft spot for Sakura, that he holds her in a different light, that she manages to invoke in him things others can’t. And now we know why, because he might have loved her all along but never really realized.

    In another character we may dismiss this as if he actually meant what he said, but this is Sasuke the boy who’s so bad at feelings and we have to look a little deeper. 

    We have to remember that he falters in his step, he hesitates, he listens, he remembers, he actually says something, he’s pained, and then you read in between the lines something else.

    "That’s probably just…chains of a failed past that she’s feeling."

    She can’t love me, she can’t love me, and I can’t love her.

    It’s so painful, so beautiful, and so SasuSaku that we would out find out this way. So much attention to this, so much detail, so much emotion, and without outright telling us Kishi tells us that Sasuke might have been in love with Sakura all along.

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  13. http://strawberry-lovess.tumblr.com/post/98638266625/i-would-really-appreciate-if-people-can-take-the


    I would really appreciate if people can take the time to read this. 
    I am really frustrated about the translation of chapter 693 because there’s a bunch of mistranslations (I read the raws), and people are getting the wrong ideas because of it.

    First off,

    Let’s start with Sakura’s confession.

    私には…私にはどうすることも出来ないって本当は分かってる こんなに好きなのに…!!」(There’s one more line missing here that’s not been posted).

    Mangareader, “I…I know there’s nothing much I can do to stop this… but I still loved you! I never thought you’d turn out this way!”


    "The truth is… I’ve always known in my heart, there was nothing I could have done for you.But I love you…!!! No matter what happened, I still care about you more than I can bear."


    "I know.. I know I’m not able to do anything (for you) .. I know that.. even though I love you!"

    Second translation is more correct than the first. Sakura says こんなに好きなのに…!! which is PRESENT tense. NOT PAST.

    「必要な時に助けてあげられなかったし…道を踏み外すのを止めることもできなかった あたしはただ横で座って泣いてるだけ…ウザいのは分かってる!!」

    Mangareader, “I couldn’t be there when you needed help.. or even stop you from going down that path. All I could do was sit down and cry. It’s disgraceful, really!”


    "If I could have taken all your pain… onto myself to comfort you, I would have and here we are again, and still all i can do is sit here and cry. I’m so pathetic." 

    I honestly don’t know how the second person here translated it.. but Sakura says “I couldn’t be there when you needed help, I couldn’t even stop you from going down that path. All I did was sit on the side and cry. I know I’m annoying!!”

    YES, she DOES say ANNOYING. not disgraceful, or pathetic.

    Okay next,

    Sasuke tells her, “You are such an annoyance.”

    お前は 本当にうざいな

    うざい means annoying. So he’s basically telling her the same thing he said all those years ago. So yes, props to the translators for getting this part right! Although I wish they had used the word annoying instead of annoyance.



    サスケ「愛だのを夢見てか? あいつがオレをどう思っていようと、オレは興味がない」

    Kakashi: Sakura wanted to save you this whole time. Translation is correct.

    Sasuke: What, was she having fun daydreaming about love? I don’t see what she likes about me, and honestly, I’m not interested in her at all.


    Sasuke: Was she having fun in her little make-believe fantasy of true love? As for me, I have absolutely no reason to love her and likewise, I can see no reason why she would love me.

    Okay let’s clarify.

    Sasuke says 愛だのを夢見てか?in reply to Kakashi’s statement of “Sakura really wanted to save you.” So Sasuke says with a dream like of love? as in, (she wants to save me with this dream she sees as love?) Doing a really poor job at explaining here, but Sasuke is kind of telling Kakashi that love isn’t going to save me or fix me whatsoever. (Hope you get the gist)

    Then he says あいつがオレをどう思っていようと、オレは興味がない. OKAY, everyone has mixed up the translation for this line!! He basically says, “However she thinks of me, I have no INTEREST in it.” That’s a word-for-word meaning there. 興味がない means “have no interest.”  Now to a more real translation, he’s basically saying no matter how she seems me (as a love interest or whatever), I really have no interest in it.

    OKAY next!

    Hagoromo, “それにナルトもサスケも ワシの母カグヤとは違い、愛が何かを知っている」

    Mangareader, “Not only for Naruto himself, but for Sasuke too, a love different from the one he had for his mother.”


    "Not just Naruto, but sasuke as well… because unlike with kaguya, they’ve known something of love." 

    The real translation is the second one. Hagoromo says 母カグヤとは違い which means unlike my mother, Kaguya. 愛が何かを知っている Sasuke and Naruto know what love is.


    this one was the biggest fault…

    ナルト「やっぱここか、懐かしいな サスケ…ここでむかし戦って…」

    Naruto: “This brings us back , doesn’t it Sasuke? We used to fight here a lot, didn’t we…”

    since when did you guys have more than one battle at shuumatsu no tani? 

    Anyway he really says, “This place is nostalgic isn’t it Sasuke? We fought here back then.”

    Raw source: http://onepiece-naruto.com/blog-entry-140.html


    Thanks for your time!

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  15. http://fuckyeahsasusaku.tumblr.com/post/98539544419


    Sasuke has always, to me, symbolized grief. I think this chapter really solidified that thought.

    Sasuke thinks of his family and gist of both translations is that he believes love to be a thing of the past. Sasuke lost his family and when he did, he believed that the part of…

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  17. Naruto Chapter 693: SasuSaku.


    I love how this chapter starts to address/answer some ASS arguments.

    • Sakura doesn’t love Sasuke anymore.
    • 675 was Kakashi talking about platonic feelings, not romantic.
    • Sakura’s feelings are just a crush/just her “holding on” to the past.
    • Sakura has no “reason” to love…
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  19. unaruto:

    -You remember don’t you? When we became genins, the day when our three-man team was first decided…the first time we were here by ourselves, you were so mad at me…

    -I don’t remember that.

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